Freshers' Issue 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Freshers' Issue!
Here's a list of articles written specifically with freshers in mind – a review of the canteens, an interactive map of the campus, and more. Read on!

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IIIT Reading List

There's a lot of history to IIIT. Here are some essential reads to catch you up.

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Explore IIIT in an Interactive Map!

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Kassi Existentialism

The word 'kassi' is a noun, an adjective, an emotion, and is on the tip of every IIITian's tongue. Now that you, a fresher, are here on campus, you will likely quickly adopt this word and make it your own. However, have you ever pondered why it's come to encompass such a range of emotions, including respect, shame, fear, pride among others? Read Kassi Existentialism, and get a little philosophical about your own kassi-ness.

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Breaking the Silence

Hey there! Have you ever been away from home? Felt homesick or felt confused? Don't worry. Here is a guide on how to deal with the mixed emotions that you might feel during your tenure of college.

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Intro to Telugu

Welcome to IIIT! Seasoned speaker or completely clueless, find this guide useful for the must-know phrases to make you get around the city and gain some cool clout on campus.

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Dogs on Campus

An irreplaceable part of the campus, knowing the names of our canine friends (and sometimes H-105 residents) is an understated skill. Check out Dogs@IIIT to be a pro.

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Canteen Review

There's an assortment of options of canteens on campus, but there's so much to decide. Fret not, we have been your guinea pigs and made this canteen review for your convenience.

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