Freshers' Issue 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Freshers' Issue!
Here's a list of articles written specifically with freshers in mind – a guide to socialising, the struggles of being in our college, an interactive map of the campus, and more. Read on!

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Struggles of Being a IIITian

You've been in college for nearly a month now,
so it's about time we fulfilled our duty as seniors and revealed to you the
disappointments of the world.
The ups of life at IIIT, you know – the downs, we present to you in this article.

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Guide to Socialising

If you're looking to make some people your friends (or more) in college, this piece – a comprehensive & exclusive guide to socialising in college – is your friend.

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Explore IIIT in an Interactive Map!

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IIIT Reading List

There's a lot of history to IIIT. Here are some essential reads to catch you up.

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Back to Normal?

You're coming on campus soon, and the madness of the past two years is apparently running its course. Here's a summary of the major shifts at college since campus began to open.

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